198 Gertrude St Fitzroy

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11.10.19 — 20.10.19

Through dark water we find clarity. Its mystery used to strip back the chaos of meaningless noise, abstract the beauty of the world, and interpret it at its purest form. Diffusing the edges of definitive reason, to find peace amongst the minimal and vast silhouettes. To escape reality, enter the world created in our minds, and transport our actions to the faceless characters we now see.

In his latest works, STEPHEN BAKER departs from reality, creating a vast, new world where his signature characters can both navigate and come together. Void of real world cues and vices, STEPHEN BAKER creates a timeless plane in which our preconceptions and nostalgia can not inhabit. A fresh start — an all knowing body of water for us to transport ourselves into and explore a life without the sensory barrage of the modern world. Simplified in their form, and in the predictability of their actions, STEPHEN BAKER’s characters emit a welcoming glow of calm. Their seasonally inspired palette distorting any indication of race, or age.