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A person or thing providing protection.

We are redesigning our lives, now and into the future.

The brief, a backdrop of social distancing, misinformation and civil unrest.

Pushed apart by innumerous challenges.
Pulled together by immutable values.

The typology of 2020 is the shield.

They are everywhere, all at once.

In our shops, transport and workplaces. On the streets.
Where we spend, work, move, and protest.

We’re keeping ourselves at arm’s length.
Protecting ourselves from proximity.

Our shields are being designed for form and function. To be as invisible as effective.

The shield is the lens through which we’re viewing the world. Through which we are living. And we are seeing it all.

Our screens too are shields from which we watch the world behind.

Reinventing ourselves in odysseys of discovery and observation.

Both dangerous and enlightening.

These shields are not designed to be as effective against hateful verbal missiles.

But we are getting there.

Now is not forever

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