198 Gertrude St Fitzroy

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Seasoned Canberran artist Riley Beaumont rang in the New Year bathed in new faces and unfamiliar surroundings. Embarking on a month long residence, spurred early by the threat and adventure of closed borders, he called At The Above and it’s constituent streets his home.
With a proclivity to wandering with open mind and no map, Riley lent in to the magnetism of this adventure and, for the first time, relinquished complete creative control.

Having planted the flag in a new state , Riley was washed over with new ideas, experiences and memories — surrendering his strict gasp on the brush and melting into a fluid surrender to time, intuition and improvisation.
This transformation is embodied throughout his works within ‘A I R’ — A self-reflective collection of paintings and sculpture that ignite introspection, curiosity and openness; displaying the tangible outcome of the collaboration between Riley and his environment.

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Riley Collage 01 2
Riley Collage 02 4
Riley Collage 03 3
Riley Collage 04 04
Riley Collage 05 02
Riley Collage 06