198 Gertrude St Fitzroy

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Explore Soul's studio, his home
and now his gallery.


For the last two weeks, multi-disciplinary artist Soul Mckenzie has been eating, sleeping and painting in our gallery, with both art and artist existing as a living, breathing human experience. Shared in real time across social media and live stream, in-house artists from at the above and design studio space between interacted with soul’s work, working remotely to re-interpret and create their own art in isolation.

You can see this body of work here on the microsite we created


During his period of residency, soul has created 11 works - colourful pieces brought to life in full view of a digital-only audience. These works are exhibited in an immersive, virtual gallery that is now live — an exploration of at the above as soul’s studio, home and now gallery.

Intended to offset the economical, emotional and practical impact of covid-19 on soul’s practice, this project grew from a desire to maintain an artistic human connection, bringing creative minds together at a time of physical distance.

All of soul’s works created in isolation can be viewed in our store purchased online, with 15% of the proceeds going to headspace, in support of those struggling with mental health during these challenging times.