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All objects have a story, an imprint from their interactions with the world that lends them context. Physical and metaphorical lines of desire, from construction until now. These lines, and their subsequent imperfections create a story and a personality. The object becomes imprinted by its owner, only to be passed down or resold to its next perfect match.

The series AN EVENING WITH ROBERT celebrates the notion of an object’s lineage. The metaphorical and physical imprints, like the thought process of its creator, or as simple as the impression of Robert’s silhouette embossed into his favourite chair. A nod to the artefacts of bygone trumping what is new and fast, in a world where objects' stories are blurred from the sheer pace of their production.

Lauriana Chair by Afra & Tobia Scarpa
Murano Glass Bowl
Gian Nicola Givante Neon for Zerbetto Floor Lamp